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September 25, 2020

This is my first post on my new blog, oh wow how exciting!

I hope to start this blog off by sharing some of the programming resources I use on the job and during my personal time. These are not the *best resources by any means, and this isn’t meant to be a course. This article should serve more as an introduction and not curriculum. If you are looking for a course or curriculum to get your feet wet I highly recommend starting with

I’d like to speak on my background in computer science; I started programming in C# at UNCG and it was a great learning experience. Then I shifted into mostly Java 8 and Javascript at my first programming job as senior. Now post-grad I work as a contractor for a telecommunications provider and my current team has a focus on python and the web.

Start Here (from scratch)

Keep Learning!!! (more technical)

Learn the www … (javascript)

Stay inspired!!

Get certified and get hired:

I’m currently learning:

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